Shock absorber machines

  • Robust frame in painted steel.
  • Vertical bars: 1.5 metres in total, 1.2 m usable
  • 4KW motor (5.5 HP)
  • Speed reducer. 250 RPM nominal, max 460 RPM
  • Inverter380V 4KW (optional 230V)
  • Load cell from 1000 kg
  • Potentiometer linear 100 mm (optional 150 mm)
  • DAQ ShockAnalyzer (control and acquisition system)
  • FTDI USB adapter a RS232
  • Standard mounting system of the shock absorbers (rear shock absorber type)
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Operation and features
  • Electric motor

Shock absorber test benches are usually powered by three-phase AC induction motors. The size and power of the motors are limited by the supply voltage. It is highly recommended to drive the motor with a VFD in order to perform automated multi-speed tests. For power values below 4 HP, the VFD can be powered by a single-phase system. But for higher power values, a three-phase system is required.

  • Gearbox

The motor output is fitted with a gearbox. The maximum speed of the output shaft should be in the range of 300-500 RPM.
Although most induction motors run at 1450 RPM at 50 Hz, the VFD can easily increase this speed to almost double it (100 Hz), which results in high torque at low speed (300 RPM gearbox) and an increased frequency to allow the damper to be tested at higher speeds (with a slight reduction in total power)

  • Load cell

A load cell is a transducer that converts force into analogue electrical signals. The load cell included in the system measures the force exerted on the shock absorber, enabling a in-depth analysis in the various operating ranges

  • Temperature sensor

Temperature is measured using a thermocouplesecured with a Velcro band. The performance of the shock absorber can vary drastically at different temperatures. With the temperature monitoring system, it is possible to determine how the shock absorber will perform under different conditions. The shock absorber can be heated directly on the dynamometer (thermocouple not included).

  • Potentiometer

Shockanalyzer DAQ uses a 100 mm potentiometer to measure speed and position, supplied with the kit. A optional potentiometer, 150 mm.

  • Stroke length selector

Ten threaded holes in a spiral shape characterise the flywheel of the system. The connecting rod can be fixed in any bore, thus selecting the desired stroke length. The longer the stroke, the more power is required on the motor to move the shock absorber.

All test benches can be customised on requestin every detail.

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Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 50 × 70 × 163 cm