Renew your engine or roller dynamometer

We offer control and acquisition systems to upgrade different types of test benches:

Discover some applications here and characteristics of Sport Devices systems

Applicable to any type of power test bench, they update and actually extend the functionality to a state-of-the-art system.

They can be used in the recovery and reconditioning by rooms or test benches that no longer functionfor which the manufacturer may require very costly work to restore and update..

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POWER TEST BENCH SYSTEM (Diagnosis and preparation - SPORT DEVICES models)
  • Up to 3 screens in REAL TIME
  • Software updates included and downloadable directly from the website
  • It allows compare an unlimited number of curves read from the databaseassigned a different colour. This makes it possible to evaluate changes and improvements before and after modifications.
  • Correction factors: ISO1585, SAEJ1349, DIN70020, JISD1001, EC95-1, EWG 80/ 1269 (Also allows correction of curves according to air-intake temperature, via OBD interface or external probe)
  • Possibility of compare the different tests carried out, overlapping them
  • The unit of measurement for power (Kw,Cv), torque (Kg *m, N*m) is user selectable.
  • Available test modes: Inertial, constant braking, ramp, road simulation, steady state.
  • Connection Ethernet at high speed, CANBUS, Bluetooth (Optional), RS232.
  • Vehicle OBDII interface, integrated or external weather station. Supports different models of exhaust analysers
  • The system implements a closed-loop' brake control.
  • Also works without computer (remote control)
  • Remote control of accelerator actuator, clutch actuator, gearbox, fans etc. from PC software.


DAQ SP1 Sport Devices Motycs for power test benches


Our homologation system is designed and implemented on Compact-Rio platform of National Instrument.

It thus guarantees the reliability typically reserved for installations in the industrial sector.

  • Telemetry of parallel loop times with differentiated priorities
  • Hierarchy 'down-up' for input/output flows and for controls
  • Individually managed analogue inputs
  • Activation - timing - filter (digital, statistical)
  • Digital inputs
  • Connecting the square wave revolution pick-up sensor
  • Test room alarm states
  • Analogue and digital outputs
  • Brake and throttle set (high dynamics)
  • Valve control for fluids (low dynamics)
  • Special analogue inputs: high definition (24 bit) for load cell
  • High definition (24 bit) for thermocouples / resistance thermometers
  • Executes what is written in the Excel file + Export to text file
  • Constants' parameterisation
  • Limit self-learning (grid)
  • Memory of previous behaviour (uut)

- Different types of test benches
- engines (R&D, Production)
- vehicle (roll, emissions)
- components
- ECU (acquisition, calibration, diagnostics)
- DOE (Design On Experiment)

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A homologation system SW interface