Motorbike dynamometers

  • Maximum power up to 300 hp
  • Available in versions with roller diameter 320 or 500 mm, surface knurled and painted
  • 1 Eddy current brake mod. Klam K-70 with 800 N*m (can be installed on either the left or right side)
  • Front caliper wheelbase adjustment AC motor-driven (pneumatic clamp optional)
  • Electronics: SPORTDEVICES SP5
  • Weather station
  • Dimensions (CUSTOMISABLE on request): Length: 2500 mm, Width: 1200 mm. Height: 400 mm
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  • Motorbike chassis dynamometer, single-roller.
  • Available in 320 or 500 mm roller diameter versions, surface knurled and painted
  • The SP5 control and acquisition system guarantees flexibility, customisation possibilities and free SW updates.
  • The bench is equipped with front wheel locking system and on request, can be equipped with additional accessories.
  • It can be installed either on the podium (over-floor) or in the pit
  • High-strength mechanical construction, with 6/8 mm sheet metal, use of only high-quality European-made components
  • Powder coating
  • Customer's choice of colour included in the price (RAL scale)
  • It allows compare an unlimited number of curves read from the database, assigned a different colour. This makes it possible to evaluate changes and improvements before and after modifications. An automatic pointer measures the difference between the curves along the entire graph in addition to the point measurement for each type of curve displayed
  • Correction factors: ISO1585, SAEJ1349, DIN70020, JISD1001, EC95-1, EWG 80/ 1269 (additionally allows correction of curves according to air-intake temperature, via OBD interface or external probe)
  • Possibility of comparing the different tests performed, overlapping them
  • The unit of measurement for power (Kw,Cv), torque (Kg *m, N*m) is user selectable.
  • Free software updates and downloadable directly from the website
  • Available test modes: Inertial, constant braking, ramp, road simulation, steady state, homologation cycles
  • High-speed Ethernet connection, CANBUS, Bluetooth (Optional), RS232
  • Vehicle OBDII interface, integrated or external weather station. Supports different models of exhaust analysers
  • The system implements a 'closed loop' brake control
  • Also works without computer (remote control)
  • Remote control of accelerator actuator, clutch actuator, gearbox, fans etc. from PC software.
  • The system of control and acquisition SPORTDEVICES, offers several channels also under relay, dedicated to the acquisition of data from lambda, pressure and thermocouple sensors; whether analogue or digital (system offers up to 16 channels in the standard version, expandable up to 112 channels). It can independently manage the various ventilation systems in the test room, with four controlled, configurable and independent sockets.
  • Power measurements (at wheel, at drive shaft, dissipated)
  • Acceleration and Deceleration Test (To assess performance when the vehicle is subjected to external loads)
  • Road simulation (To verify vehicle performance, also with diagnostic tools)
  • Inertial tests of acceleration and deceleration
  • Step tests, constant laps, programmable tests as lap/circuit simulation (CSV file)

Find out here more details on SPORTDYNO control software (link to Sport Devices website in ENGLISH)

Here you can download and install the latest available version, to see its functionality (link to Sport Devices website in ENGLISH)


Additional information

Weight 1,100 kg
Dimensions 250 × 120 × 40 cm

For installation purposes, the roller test bench requires:

  • 1 220V power supply
  • 1 400V power supply
  • Pneumatic supply 7 BAR minimum
  • Comes complete with brake power supply panel, which must be connected to the mains supply
  • Desk absorption max. 5 kW, to which must be added the absorption of the fan and any other consumers
  • A forklift with a minimum load capacity of 1,500 kg is required on delivery.